Heatstroke: Warning Signs and Prevention

Heatstroke:  Warning Signs and Prevention

Good judgment can go a long way in preventing your dog from having a heat stroke. Between the hours of 10 am – 4 pm during the summer months, it is way too hot to have your dog on the beach, out for a run, going wild at the dog park, or out for a long walk. High-intensity exercise is not wise in this hot and humid climate during the summer.

Teaching an end of training session cue

Although I do not always cue the beginning of a training session, I always cue the end of a training session. Why do I always cue the end of a training session? By marking the end of a training session with a cue word, I let the dog know that work is over (although no dog that trains with me likely thinks of it as “work”!). Marking the end of a training session lets the dog know that training time is over and that he is no longer on the clock, so to speak.

Training a Senior Dog

Training should be a part of your dog’s life, no matter its age. It is important to be mindful of your dog’s cognitive and physical abilities throughout its life, especially when you are training your dog.

Walking Your Dog

Fresh air, innumerable scents, encounters with new things, and the chance for adventure! For a dog, the walk is extremely special and important – it does not matter if it is the first walk of the day or the fifth – it is the highlight of their day and a cause for celebration. We humans need to have a better understanding and appreciation of this special time. It is a chance to get away from it all and bond with our canine counterparts. Yet, so many people find walking their dog cumbersome and unenjoyable.