In-Home Consultation/Initial Training Session, $75: a consultation and initial training session are critical to the training process to ensure that your goals for training are understood and achievable. By doing a consultation and pre-training session, we avoid wasting time during future training sessions by addressing issues early on and creating a plan that will achieve your individual training goals.

Dog Training Packages

*in-home consultation/initial training session included in package rates below

Advanced Dog training Package

10 in-home sessions, $999 ($1475 value):

This focused package is for the dedicated owner who enjoys dog training and wants to take it to the next level. This package includes over 15 obedience cues, emergency recall, loose leash walking, go to your spot and a few fun tricks. Sessions are customized to meet the client’s needs and goals while addressing common behavioral issues.

Intermediate Dog Training Package

5 in-home sessions, $599:($775 value)

Designed for the owner who wants a variety of obedience cues that help make for a reliable and well-behaved dog. This package includes 12 obedience cues, the “leave it” cue, loose leash walking, and a few fun tricks. Sessions are customized to meet the client’s needs and goals while addressing common behavioral issues.

Basic Dog Training Package

3 in-home Sessions, $399: ($495 value)

For the owner who needs the basic cues such as “sit”, “watch me”, “down”, “come”, “off”, “wait”, “stay”, “drop it”, and a few fun tricks.

Puppy Training Package

Puppy Primer Package

5-1 hour sessions, $500

This package is designed specifically for puppies to start between 8-12 weeks of age. Puppies will learn basic obedience cues such “sit”, “watch me”, “down”, “come”, “off”, “wait”, “stay”, “leave it”, “drop it” and a few fun tricks. Potty training and basic leash handling may also be addressed in this package. This package is offered for a limited service area, call for details. In-home consultation and initial training session are included in this package.

Dog Training by the session, $140

Training by the session is offered for clients who need some fine tuning without the need for multiple training sessions. This is determined at the initial consultation.

Payment options: cash, check, or credit card via Venmo or Zelle.

*Rates above are for one dog, there is a $10 charge per session for each additional dog involved in training.

**Kate Godfrey reserves the right to refuse to work with dogs she deems dangerous or beyond her current skill level - this is a matter of safety for all involved.

***Kate Godfrey abides by and adheres to the guiding principles set in place by the Pet Professional Guild and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

****Rates are subject to change depending on location but will be discussed prior to any changes being made.